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hand stretch wrapping dispenser
shown here with clear film
stretch films
hand wrap stretch films
Conventional Stretch Film Hand Rolls
Conventional polythene stretch film used to secure palletised goods.
For best results apply with the use of a dispenser.
Available in blown or cast options.
High tack blown film ensuring stable loads even in cold store conditions.
High clarity, low noise cast film.
Available bulk packed as well as boxed, reducing packaging waste
Hand rolls are available in standard core, extended core and coreless option.
Available in 400mm and 500mm wide rolls in thicknesses from 7mu to 34mu.
Clear, blue and black ex-stock. Other colours are available on request.
A brief introduction to stretch films
Since it’s introduction in the 1970’s as a method of pallet load containment during transit, stretch
film technology has evolved vastly with improved resin blends, extrusion techniques
and performance.
There are two methods of application: by hand (with integrated core or via dispenser) and machine
applied. There are two methods of film manufacture: cast or blown.
Cast Film:
Excellent clarity (ideal for barcode scanning), silent unwind, softer film.
Blown Film:
High puncture resistance, higher tack (even in cold stores), noisier unwind.
Hand Films - Standard and High Performance Blends
Most hand stretch film supplied in the UK is blown. High performance blown hand film offers higher
puncture resistance and is therefore better for irregular loads. Hand rolls can be applied using
the integral cardboard core (either standard flush or extended), a separate dispenser or using a
coreless film with reusable dispensers.
Hand Films - Pre-stretched
Pre-stretched films are manufactured by stretching the film during the manufacturing process.
Manufactured to an optimum micron for pallet lay on, this reduces the need to stretch the film
further and can be applied using tension to achieve load stability. Faster wrapping can be achieved
as there is no neckdown during application.
Machine Films
There are several points to consider when selecting the correct film for your application:
Load profile (A,B or C type)
Product being wrapped
Weight per pallet
Transit journey
Loading and unloading cycles
Machine capabilities
Samuel Grant offer a no obligation technical site visit which enables us to match the correct film to
your machine for your application incorporating the above criteria. Over stretching film is as much a
transit risk as under stretching. Film can become ‘dead’ if taken past its optimum point of elasticity.
Equally, under stretching film through the machine can result in a wrap which will continue to move
in transit as the film has not been stretched to its optimum point. Both of these factors can cause
insufficient load containment which can result in unstable and unsafe pallets.
Samuel Grant specialise in advanced technical film knowledge to provide a detailed evaluation to
suit your needs and provide a true cost per wrapped pallet.
By selecting the correct film for your machine and application, you can benefit from:
Improved load containment producing more stable pallets
Higher yield film means further cost savings
Consistency in wrap after wrap (downtime due to snapping film is expensive!)
Reduction in material consumption (contributing to packaging waste obligations)
Hand Stretch Wrapping Dispenser
A simple and effective hand stretch wrapping dispenser.
Ideal for smaller applications and occasional use.
Lightweight, robust steel hand pallet dispenser.
400-500mm width film on 38, 50 or 78mm cores.
Twist grip handle for tension control.
High Performance Hand Rolls
High performance blown stretchwrap. Manufactured from higher grade
resin for increased puncture resistance. Can offer savings against
conventional films. Available in 400mm and 500mm widths, in standard
flush or extended core options
Clear, blue and black available ex-stock.
Other colours available on request
Available bulk packed as well as boxed, reducing packaging waste
Pre Stretched Hand Rolls
High performance pre-stretched polythene film used to secure palletised
goods. Available in both standard flush core and extended core.
Can help reduce waste legislation obligations by up to 50%.
Easy to use - no back strain.
Pre-stretched film wraps pallets tighter.
Wraps faster because film does not neck down as with conventional film.
Available bulk packed as well as boxed, reducing packaging waste
Size (WxL)
Pack Quantity
HP1 Light
EQ 12mu-15mu 400mmx300m 6 per box
HP1 Light
EQ 12mu-15mu 500mmx300m 6 per box
HP2 Medium EQ 16mu-19mu 400mmx300m 6 per box
HP2 Medium EQ 16mu-19mu 500mmx300m 6 per box
HP3 Heavy
EQ 20mu-23mu 400mmx300m 6 per box
HP3 Heavy
EQ 20mu-23mu 500mmx300m 6 per box
HP4 Super Heavy EQ 25mu+ 400mmx300m 6 per box
HP4 Super Heavy EQ 25mu+ 500mmx300m 6 per box
Degradable and Biodegradable products are available.
Contact our sales department for more details.
Pack Quantity
400mm x 300m
6 per box
400mm x 600m
6 per box
Pack Quantity
100mm x 150m 15, 17 & 20mu
30 per box
100mm x 300m 15, 17 & 20mu
30 per box
Profile A
Profile B
Profile C
In addition to our hand and machine stretch films we
can also provide all your polythene film requirements.
See pages 10-21 for more details.
Please Note:
Products supplied may vary slightly from images featured.
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Looking to switch from hand wrap to a machine?
Samuel Grant can help if you are looking to switch from hand wrapping to an investment in a pallet wrapping machine. We can evaluate your
despatch cycle, detail savings, benefits and payback period. We will provide true costings as our machine will wrap consistently each time, so you
would have a fixed cost per pallet. Correctly applied machine film will always offer higher load stability and cost savings than hand applied film.
Allow us to evaluate your needs with a no obligation consultation by one of our stretch film experts. Call us today on:
stretch films specialists
Stretch Film Mini Rolls
The PPW is a simple hand held stretch film system ideal for bundling and
collating items together.
Simply squeeze the handle for
tension and cut-off.
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