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Polypropylene Tape (Hot Melt)
The hot melt based adhesive provides excellent adhesion to corrugated
cases and general packaging. A branded general purpose, cost effective
packaging tape available in both clear and tan.
Aggressive adhesive coating ideal for corrugated packing,
bundling and sealing.
25micron for general use and 28 micron for high strength applications.
polypropylene tapes
Product Information and Selection Guide
Polypropylene Tape (Solvent)
A branded general purpose, cost effective packaging tape available in
both clear, tan, white and coloured. The solvent based adhesive provides
excellent adhesion to polythene and general packaging.
Aggressive adhesive coating ideal for polythene packing,
bundling, sealing and freezer applications.
28 micron offering high strength.
Polypropylene Tape (Acrylic)
A cost effective alternative to solvent based and hot melt tapes.
A waterbased adhesive tape with excellent U.V. resistance
The environmentally friendly alternative.
Freezer grade available.
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
12mm x 66m 144 rolls
48mm x 132m 36 rolls
19mm x 66m 96 rolls
75mm x 132m 24 rolls
25mm x 66m 72 rolls
100mm x 132m 18 rolls
38mm x 66m 48 rolls
38mm x 1000m 8 rolls
48mm x 66m 36 rolls
50mm x 1000m 6 rolls
75mm x 66m 24 rolls
75mm x 1000m 4 rolls
100mm x 66m 18 rolls
150mm x 330m 6 rolls
150mm x 66m 12 rolls
Tape Types
Identify by
Suitable for:
Adhesive Type
PVC Vinyl
Matt finish
Long term storage applications
Solvent - slow release long term adhesive
Quiet & slow release
Hand held tape dispenser
Good elasticity
Use at room temperature
Glossy finish
Budget applications
Solvent - slow release long term adhesive
Noisy & quick release
Ideal for cold conditions (freezers)
Hot Melt Adhesive - solvent free
No elasticity and difficult to tear
Hand held tape dispensers
Acrylic - environmentally friendly water based
Strong initial grab
Low Noise
Glossy finish
Applications as polypropylene
Solvent - slow release long term adhesive
Quiet & slow release
with the advantage of being
Acrylic - environmentally friendly water based
No elasticity and difficult to tear
as quiet as a vinyl tape
In addition to providing all your packing tapes
Samuel Grant can also provide all your carton
requirements - see pages 62-67 for details.
Our adhesive strapping tapes are ideally suited to
lightweight strapping applications as detailed above.
For heavier weight and industrial strapping applications
please refer to our dedicated polyester and steel
strapping section on pages 68-78
Please note that our product directory only features
a selection of the packaging products we have
access to. Call our sales department if you need to
source a specific product or need a solution to a
specific packaging problem.
specialist tapes
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Please Note:
Products supplied may vary slightly from images featured.
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Tamper Evident Tape
Security tape which leaves behind an image when removed.
Provides visual evidence of tampering.
50mm wide x 66m in length in packs of 36 rolls.
Scotch-Brite Clean and Finish Rolls
Highly conformable Scotch-Brite web can be cut to desired length for hand
sanding and oscillating sanders.
150mm wide x 10m in length
Reliable bond even to LSE substrates.
Immediate usability right after
Suitability for most demanding
applications such as heavy stress,
high temperatures or critical
Premier double-sided self-adhesive tape
4965 offers an excellent immediate adhesion performance to secure
reliable bonding strength even to low energy substrates such as PP or PE.
Double-sided adhesive tape consisting of a transparent polyester film and
acrylic adhesive. The adhesive system is especially resistant to plasticizers
and offers a secure bond even at elevated temperatures.
3M VHB™ Acrylic Foam Double Sided Tape
Provides immediate handling strength by bonding in seconds. It’s quick and
easy to apply with no mess or waste. Bonds transparent materials cleanly
and easily.
Clear bonding, 19mm x 3m, 1 roll
Adhesive Strapping Tapes
Adhesive strapping tapes can be divided into four categories.
General Purpose
strapping tapes have a polypropylene backing and feature
properties such as ageing and UV resistance and residue-free removability.
Bundling and Palletising
tape features a very high tensile strength, good
tear resistance and high bond strength. Strapping tapes can also be used
as handle reinforcement on corrugated packaging, ideal when the goods
being packed are heavy, such as drinks bottles or cans.
tapes have a very low elongation, very high tear and nick
resistance as well as a high bond strength.
Transport Protection
tape provides a secure bond and features residue-
free removability and does not discolour or stain the surface after removal.
Poly Film
& Bags
Cartons &
Paper &
Adhesives, Tapes
& Labels
Postal & Protective
Strapping &
Transit Products
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