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Backing paper designed
to separate from the
double sided tape
double sided tapes
Thermal Transfer Ribbons
A unique range of quality products for print and apply systems and in line
coding applications, offered at competitive prices.
Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin grades of thermal ribbon manufactured in the
UK to BRC, ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 accreditation.
350 slit sizes suitable for printers such as Zebra, Toshiba, Datamax,
Intermec, Sato, Markem, Logopak and many more brands available from
stock for next day delivery.
Hazard Warning Floor Marking Tape
Adhesive Hazard marking for dangerous & safe areas.
Red/White - Fire extinguishers. Green/White - First Aid points and exit
routes. Black/Yellow - Hazardous areas and Low Doors.
Flexible, water & UV resistant with good abrasion resistance.
Durable & thick with strong adhesion to flooring surfaces.
Polythene Barrier Tape
A non-adhesive polythene tape specifically used for cordoning off
designated areas.
Also available printed with your own design.
Lane and Floor Marking Tape
Available in a range of 6 colour variants, blue, red,
yellow, green, black and white .
Durable & thick with strong adhesion
to flooring surfaces.
Polythene Low Tack Tape
A low tack adhesive allows the tape to stick to an item with the advantage
of being easily removed without leaving a residue.
Protects smooth glossy surfaces from being easily scratched.
Ideal for light protection of window frames, aluminium strips, glass, etc.
during transit and installation
Width x Length
Qty Per Pk
50mm x 33m
24 rolls
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
6mm x 50m 90 rolls
25mm x 50m 45 rolls
12mm x 50m 96 rolls
40mm x 50m 30 rolls
20mm x 50m 96 rolls
50mm x 50m 25 rolls
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
9mm x 50m 132 rolls
25mm x 50m 48 rolls
12mm x 50m 96 rolls
36mm x 50m 30 rolls
12mm x 50m 90 rolls
50mm x 50m 25 rolls
19mm x 50m 65 rolls
75mm x 50m 16 rolls
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
Width x Length Qty Per Pk
25mm x 50m 48 rolls
50mm x 50m 24 rolls
Width x Length
Qty Per Pk
50mm x 33m
24 rolls
Double Sided Tissue Tape
A multi-purpose adhesive
tape on a tissue carrier
being easy to tear by hand.
Ideal for mounting
card and point of
sale production
Double Sided Cloth Tape
A very high-tack adhesive tape on a tough woven carrier and easy to tear by
Used extensively in the
carpet fitting industry.
Double Sided Polypropylene/Filmic Tape
A multi-purpose and very strong polypropylene double sided adhesive tape .
A low cost tape which provides
good general purpose performance
on many surfaces.
Double Sided Transfer Tape
A double sided transfer tape consisting of a single layer of adhesive without
a carrier. Will bond most surfaces together.
Ideal for quick applications,
name plates and mounting photos.
For use with a tape dispenser.
In addition to the regular stock items featured we
can source many other tapes and adhesives to suit
individual customer requirements
Double Sided Foam Tape
A soft foam based carrier material with
adhesive applied to both sides.
Also available as foam tabs on a roll.
Creates a soft cushion between
the two items stuck together.
Ideal for point of sale, display
purposes and mirror mounting.
Adhesive Transfer Gun
The Scotch® ATG Adhesive Transfer Gun is the easy way to apply a range
of double-sided tape adhesives in craft, hobby or professional projects.
It's easy to use and will deliver an accurate, straight line of adhesive whilst
automatically removing the backing and storing it out of the way.
Accurate hand dispenser for dispensing 3M Scotch® ATG adhesive
transfer tapes
Quick and easy to use,
trigger operated
Safe - no need for
knives or scissors
No mess or clean-up -
liner rewinds back into
the gun as adhesive
is applied.
Please Note:
Products supplied may vary slightly from images featured.
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