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tapes & dispensers
adhesives & glue guns
Low Melt Adhesive Gun
Lower application temperature, ideal for heat sensitive substrates such as
polystyrene foam, fabrics and films. Reduces wear and tear on tools and
reduces the risk of thermal burns.
For use with LM44 12mm Low Melt Adhesive,
Often used in schools and colleges.
Adhesive Glue Specifications
Glue Type
High performance. Pale Amber. Long Set
Tough flexible bond, glass, light gauge metals & ABS plastics
General purpose. Light Tan. Medium Set
Wood, fabrics, ceramics, leather & some plastics
Packaging. Light Tan. Fast Set
Cartons, paper & board
General purpose. Clear. Long Set
High viscosity, good on fabrics & foams.
High performance. Clear. Long Set
Wood, ceramics, light gauge metals & many plastics.
Low melt packaging. White. Fast Set
Temperature sensitive products Cartons, paper, board, wood,
some plastics, expanded polystyrene & polyethylene foam.
Box Weight
Qty per Pack
12mm x 200mm sticks
available in 5kg boxes.
Approximately 50 sticks per kg.
12mm x 300mm sticks
available in 5kg boxes.
Approximately 34 sticks per kg.
43mm x 43mm slugs
available in 10kg boxes.
Approximately 17 slugs per kg.
Double Sided Tape Dispensers
- 25mm pistol grip double sided tissue and polypropylene tape
carton sealer with cutting blade.
Ideal for 50m rolls on a 75mm core diameter.
- 50mm pistol grip double sided tissue and polypropylene tape
carton sealer with cutting blade.
Ideal for 50m rolls on a 75mm core diameter.
Contact or sales department for technical help and
sales advice on any of our adhesives and tapes.
Product Ref
Size Qty per Pk
Scotchweld 10 Solvent based - high tack
5 litres 2
Scotchweld 30 Water based
5 litres 2
Qty per Pk
20mm 5 metres
Black Hook
20mm 5 metres
Black Loop
20mm 5 metres
White Hook
20mm 5 metres
White loop
Dot Size Dots per roll
Rolls per Pk
5mm 5000
10mm 5000
15mm 4000
High Output Hot Melt Adhesive Gun
High output, robust applicator with automatic standby. The high efficiency
heater housing, coupled with optional plug-in temperature modules,
guarantees adhesive at the right temperature. It is the ideal production tool
for product assembly and packaging.
Dispenses up to 3.5kg of 43mm adhesive per hour
Low melt module also available.
Contact Adhesives
High performance contact adhesives available for a wide range of
Brushable with higher coverage
Meets requirements of
MMM-A-121, MMM-A-130B,
and A-A-1936A
General industrial
Bonding, adhering, gluing,
joining and attaching
EPX 2 Part Adhesives
3M EPX Adhesives with outstanding mechanical performances. Used for the
most demanding applications in transportation, automotive or construction
industries. The 3M EPX Adhesive range is so vast that it can address any
need: High temperature resistance, vibration resistance, fast cure, slow
cure, tenacious bond, clarity, rigidity, high shear. There are different 3M EPX
Adhesive formulations adapt to different manufacturing processes.
for the strongest bond
for the most flexible bond
for reduced assembly times
Teflon Zone Tape
Teflon zone tapes are primarily used in applications where it is not desirable
for adhesive to come in contact with a heating element or it is necessary
to cover an expensive component of a packaging machine such as silicone
sponge or foam.
Zone tapes should also be considered in applications where PTFE-Glass
fabric needs to be mechanically fastened to a surface
Zone tapes are primarily made from fabric thicknesses of:
0.076mm, 0.109mm, 0.118mm, 0.129mm & 0.209mm
Acrylic and silicone adhesive strips are both available although acrylic is
more prevalent.
Material Properties
Masking tape is applied to the edges of the PTFE coated glass fabric.
Three dimensions are relevant.
1) Overall width of tape.
2) Overall width of PTFE
coated glass fabric.
3) Clear (useable) area of
PTFE glass fabric.
Contact our sales department
for technical help and advice
when specifying your zone tape
Glue Dots
Permanent and removable adhesive dots with thousands of uses.
Colourless, quick and easy to use, they dispense a standard dot of glue
without getting your fingers messy.
Available in 3 standard sizes.
Velcro (Hook & Loop) Tape
VELCRO® brand polyamide fasteners consist of two mating components:
hook and loop. The woven hook tape consists of minute, flexible “hooks”
which engage with a mating loop tape comprised of small, soft “loops”.
When pressed together, the
resulting closure is adjustable and
highly secure, available in a variety
of different hook strength and cycle
life characteristics in both self
adhesive and non adhesive.
Continuous rolls also available
in various widths
Please Note:
Products supplied may vary slightly from images featured.
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Aluminium Foil Tape
Class ‘O’ fire rated and available with an aggressive rubber adhesive for a
fast efficient bond and acrylic adhesive for an extended temperature range.
30 micron Aluminium Foil Tape – Interleaved – Hot Melt Adhesive
Common sizes requested:
20mm, 38mm and 50mm wide
Poly Film
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