SGG Product Brochure Feb 15 - page 40-41

Here at the Samuel Grant Group we are always looking at
ways to offer great quality at a lower price point.
With this in mind we have developed the Samson range of
core packaging products, a cost effective alternative to big
brand products on your everyday packaging essentials.
You will find our Samson branded products throughout our
product brochure, within each of our key product sections.
You can purchase Samson products safe in the knowledge that
they will perform to and meet your high standards every time.
The Samson range has been developed with only high quality
companies who adhere to the strictest of manufacturing
processes. The materials used in production are comparable with
and in many cases, will outperform their branded alternatives.
So the next time you are looking to stock up on those everyday
packaging essentials talk to our sales team first about the
Samson range of products.
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