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foam protection
paper protection systems
Width Thickness Length
Width Thickness Length
1500mm 1mm 300m 1200mm 1mm 300m
1500mm 1.5mm 200m 1200mm 1.5mm 200m
1500mm 2.5mm 120m 1200mm 2.5mm 120m
1500mm 4mm 75m
1200mm 4mm 75m
1000mm 1mm 300m 750mm 1mm 300m
1000mm 1.5mm 200m 750mm 1.5mm 200m
1000mm 2.5mm 120m 750mm 2.5mm 120m
1000mm 4mm 75m
750mm 4mm 75m
600mm 1mm 300m 500mm 1mm 300m
600mm 1.5mm 200m 500mm 1.5mm 200m
600mm 2.5mm 120m 500mm 2.5mm 120m
600mm 4mm 75m
500mm 4mm 75m
375mm 1mm 300m
375mm 1.5mm 200m
375mm 2.5mm 120m
375mm 4mm 75m
Foam Bags Code
Size cm
IQHEU00 -10
38 x 46
48 bags/carton
IQHEU00 -20
46 x 46
42 bags/carton
IQHEU00 -60
46 x 61
30 bags/carton
IQHEU00 -80
51 x 76
30 bags/carton
Warmer Code
Size cm
IQWEU00 -18
27 x 29 x 40
18 bags
Polyethylene Foam
polyethylene protection foam is a clean lightweight foam ideal
for surface protection. With its micro-cellular construction, it is designed
to absorb the knocks and scuffs that threaten products during transit.
Available in rolls or sheets cut to suit client specific requirements.
Non-abrasive, non-corrosive protection for delicate surfaces.
Lightweight and flexible for easy, fast packaging.
Clean, dust and lint-free plus moisture resistant.
Pack Tiger™ Paper Cushioning
Create Paper Packaging at Unrivaled Speeds. Capitalizing on Swiss design
and engineering, the PackTiger™ system creates custom-length paper pads
at up to 150 per minute - making it the fastest paper system on the market.
Versatile - Cushioning and blocking and bracing techniques.
Environmental Friendly - 100% of Recycled Paper.
Patented single-motor design with less power consumptions.
Less but excellent lofted, strong and durable pads to provide more
protection for your product.
Dependable and Durable:
Requires minimal service which means greater uptime.
Many accessories available:
Foot-pedal for manual and batch mode. Easy Loading cart. 5 roll trolley.
Special developed packaging bench. Conveyor belt sensor.
Packer Greenfiller Pad Protection System
The unique Greenfiller Converter system provides a quick and easy
way to protect your products. The pads are reusable, recyclable and
biodegradeable, and can be used as void fill and/or protective wrapping.
Produces void-fill and product protection by
interfolding three GREENFILLER paper rolls
(M-GFP) on demand, saving storage space
The pads are reusable, recyclable and are
biodegradable. The pads can be used flat or
crumpled and their absorbent quality makes
them especially useful for oily engineering items
Dimensions W850mm x D740mm x H1850mm,
weighs 180kgs. with a footprint of 0.65sq.m.
Kraft Laminates
foam laminated Kraft paper provides a tough packaging material.
In particular for packaging furniture and other large items where extra scuff
and puncture resistance is required. Cell-Aire
Kraft laminates are available
in all foam thicknesses in bundles and sheets.
Can be printed to suit customer specific requirements.
Quick™ Foam Packaging
Quick™ foam in bag offers all the cost saving benefits of foam in
bag packaging in a convenient compact system. Offers ultimate protection
during shipping, warehousing and handling. Easy to use, quick and
versatile, Instapak
Quick™ foam in bag protects products of almost any
size, shape and weight.
Expands in seconds to form custom fit cushions.
Space efficient - expands up to 200 times its liquid volume.
Manufactured without CFCs or HCFCs.
One small box of Instapak
foam packaging can
produce protective
cushions for 24 cartons.
Film Laminates
High density polyethylene film laminated to Cell-Aire
results in an
extremely tough yet flexible surface protection. Popular grades are 0.5mm/
HDPE film and 1.0mm/HDPE film in bundles or sheets.
Widely used for consumer electronic goods, photographic equipment
and industrial instruments. Cell-Aire
laminates combine soft, resilient
polyethylene foam with a durable film backing.
Easy to apply and slip into cartons.
Provide superior corner and edge protection
to reduce damage from sharp edges.
Offers improved tear and
puncture resistance.
Provide equivalent protection
to thicker grades of foam.
Cardboard Carton Shredders
- CP422S2-3PH
Carton shredder for matting cuts 420mm wide x up to 18mm thick
Produces void-fill or product protection matting from your used cartons,
on demand
Negates the need to pay for board removal
Fitted with hose outlet to accept optional 3ph dust reduction unit.
Unlimited run time, throughput approx. 12 metres per minute with
Dimensions W660mm x D660mm x H1060mm,
weighs 120kg with a footprint less than 0.5sq.m.
12 months warranty
Cardboard Carton Shredders
- CP428S2-3PH
Carton shredder for matting cuts 420mm wide x up to 20mm thick
Produces void-fill or product protection matting from your used cartons,
on demand
Negates the need to pay for board removal
Fitted with hose outlet to accept optional 3ph dust reduction unit.
Unlimited run time of approx. 14 metres per minute
Dimensions W800mm x D750mm x H1100mm,
weighs 260kg with a footprint of approx.0.6sq.m.
12 months warranty
For a full and detailed product specification featuring
all machine functionality and capabilities
please contact our sales department.
Kraft Laminate
Please Note:
Products supplied may vary slightly from images featured.
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