SGG Product Brochure Feb 15 - page 6-7

Many people wrongly perceive that packaging
can’t work in partnership with the environment.
On reflection nothing could be further from the truth.
Over 90% of the products Samuel Grant provide are
manufactured from recycled material or are themselves
recyclable - now that’s pretty environmentally friendly.
Here at the Samuel Grant Group we are committed to reducing
our impact on the environment and ensuring our carbon
footprint is kept to a minimum. Many of our products are UK
sourced, resulting in fewer transport miles whilst supporting
UK business. Through responsible sourcing of recycled and
recyclable products we ensure our green credentials remain at
the forefront of our product offering.
We are particularly proud of our plastic recycling division
Marmax Products who have recycled 7,500 tonnes of post
consumer plastic packaging waste over the last 5 years.
This equates to diverting 214 million 2pt plastic bottles
from going into landfill. See page 21 for more details.
We actively promote our core range of greener products
above those we feel are less environmentally friendly.
Our SamsonLite polythenes, for example, are at least 25%
lighter than their equivalent mainstream products, requiring
less energy in both manufacture and transportation.
Our corrugated products are sourced from suppliers supporting
the Corrugated Recycles campaign ensuring a recycled content
of no less than 75%.
To further enhance our green credentials, we are now sending
all our invoicing electronically. Every invoice we can e-mail
will save 60p in postage, in turn, we will donate this saving to
good causes. In our first year of electronic invoicing we will be
supporting St. Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds along with St Luke’s,
The Sheffield Hospice.
High performance, lightweight yield increasing films
St Luke’s
The Sheffield Hospice
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