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transit products and pallets
Dunnage Bags
Eliminate carton damage with a strong dependable cushion of air, using
dunnage bags. Inflatable dunnage bags are more effective in stabilizing cargo
compared to expensive and time consuming wood blocking and bracing.
You can use dunnage bags inside trucks, containers, railcars and ships.
Cost effective and user-friendly
High resistance against
punctures and quick to install
Moisture resistant and easy to
remove at destination
Light weight and made from
100% recyclable materials
Easy to deflate and re-usable
Ecopal Pallets
A lightweight, strong, wood free and clean fibreboard pallet. The 100%
fibreboard pallet is easy to handle, offers 2 or 4 way entry is non-toxic and is
also recyclable. The pallets are flat decked and can be printed with your own
logo or text.
Ideal for the food industry where cleanliness and contamination is of
prime importance.
Lightweight makes them ideal for Airfreight and export where weight is a
critical cost factor and restrictions apply to conventional wood pallets.
Perfect for pharmaceutical applications
where wood pallets are not suitable.
Available in Euro sizes:
1200 x 1000mm
1200 x 800mm
800 x 60mm
Presswood Pallets
Available in 6 variants and uniquely produced in one piece from synthetic
resins and wood fibre. The Presswood Pallet has become the pallet of choice
for the packaging and distribution market. Manufactured without the need
for screws or nails ensures products loaded onto the base remain free from
damage. Ideally suited to Air freight due to low tare weight.
Perfect for storage and transportation of chemicals, food, drink and
confectionery. Low moisture content of 6-8%.
Economical stacking due to
consistent size and shape.
Stacked pallets are 25% the
height of conventional timber
Round corners and tapered
feet are well suited to stretch
or shrink wrapping.
Certified for worldwide exports -
including Australia, Mexico,
New Zealand, USA, Brazil and
Reusable Transit Covers
The ideal reusable transit packaging solution. Made from heavy duty woven
polypropylene, they can be used to protect a wide range of products from
damage during transit. Available in a selection of sizes to suit various
applications they can help you to reduce delivery and returns costs.
Reinforced carry handles
for secure handling of
heavier goods.
Can be used up to 70 times
dependant upon usage.
Palletised Containers
Supplied with timber pallet these pallet boxes are the ideal strong and
reliable solution for the shipping of heavy items. Available in 4 standard sizes
along with the option of bespoke sizes for specific customer needs.
Suitable for export and heat treated.
Refer to our postal and protective
section on pages 52 for our
Tip N’ Tell and Drop N’ Tell products.
Available in 4 standard sizes:
1100mm L x 900mm B x 1020mm H
1200mm L x 800mm B x 780mm H
1100mm L x 900mm B x 670mm H
800mm L x 600mm B x 780mm H
Plastic Pallets and Storage/Transport Containers
We can provide a wide selection of plastic pallets and storage containers
manufactured from 100% UK sourced HDPE. Marmax Products Ltd, our
sister company can manufacture pallets and containers to any size and
specification required.
Please contact our sales department to discuss your specific requirements.
Poly Film
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Adhesives, Tapes
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Postal & Protective
Strapping &
Transit Products
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