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polythene film
Polythene Film Sheeting
Available in a wide variety of gauges from 8 micron through to 250 micron
in a selection of widths from 5mm to 5m. Available in centrefold, single
wound or multifold formats.
Can be supplied plain, printed or coloured to suit customers own
specific requirements.
Available both micro and macro perforated.
Supplied in virgin or regranulated polythene.
Also available in ‘super strength’ SamsonLite.
Available flame retardant to LPS1207.
Polypropylene Film
Available in both rolls or sheets and can be provided printed with text,
customers name or logo.
Sizes available to suit specific customers’ requirements.
Polyolefin, PVC or Polythene Shrinkfilm
For use with shrink tunnels and manufactured from virgin polymer to
guarantee excellent shrink properties.
Sizes available from 250mm to 600mm wide.
Suitable for many packaging applications such as DVD’s, CD’s games,
stationery products and toys.
Protects products on shelf and improves sales appeal.
Polythene Centrefold & Multifold Sheeting
Heavy duty polythene rolls folded along the length for ease of handling.
Often referred to as builders’ sheeting and used extensively within the
construction and asbestos industry.
Common sheet sizes listed below, other sizes are available on request.
Fire resistant to LPS1207.
Polythene thickness can be measured in microns or gauge.
1 micron (mu) = 0.001mm
1 gauge (g) = 0.004mm
1 micron (mu) = 4 gauge (g)
1m/2m x 150m
1m/2m x 100m
1m/2m x 50m
1m/4m x 25m
Super Heavy (Blue)
2m/4m x 75m
2m/4m x 50m
2m/4m x 25m
Thickness Width inches App L. per roll
App Wt/Roll
200 gauge 12
200 gauge 14
200 gauge 16
200 gauge 18
200 gauge 24
Degradable and Biodegradable products are available.
Contact our sales department for more details.
High performance, lightweight yield increasing films
packaging service
packaging service
Please Note:
Products supplied may vary slightly from images featured.
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A brief introduction to
poly films
Polythene is an extremely versatile product, but in the UK market rarely is
the correct film applied to solve a challenge.
Samuel Grant Group’s extensive knowledge of the properties of polythene
film combined with our detailed understanding of all the UK and many
global manufacturers gives us the unique ability to match exactly the correct
product with the application.
Some characteristics of film are self explanatory like
Flame Retardency,
Biodegradability, Opacity, Slip, Puncture resistance
Tensile strength
But others such as
Co-extrusion, Conductivity, Lamination, Corona
Melt point
, require a detailed understanding of what the
customer needs to achieve the correct film.
Some examples:-
Lamination Film
After customer consultation we specified a film
Corona treated
on one side
so that it could be printed 2 colours, the film was
in 2 layers to
provide, a gloss top side for printing and a
low melt
base side. This allowed
the film to be heat laminated to the substrate by melting just one of the 2
layers of film. Other considerations were
, the film had to be the same
thickness all over to laminate smoothly.
Strong Film
Many of our customers benefit from our SamsonLite high performance film.
By blending a selection of high performance
have created a strong film that our customers can use to reduce the cost of
their polythene by up to 20% and reduce the carbon footprint by up to 40%.
Tested Film
Our flame retardant films contain a
Flame Retardant Masterbatch
This means that if the polythene is lit with a match it will self extinguish. This
product is widely used in the building trade to reduce their insurance costs.
As such it has to be approved by the LCPB the Loss Certification Prevention
Board. This requires rigorous examination of our quality procedures and
regular testing before we achieved accreditation.
Opaque Film
Our customer gave us the challenge of wrapping photographic paper in
light proof
bag. Historically this could only be achieved using a paper/
foil laminate to achieve 100% light proofing. We
a 3 layer
film with a high black carbon content so that any 2 layers were sufficient
to provide
total opacity
. This gave the added security that if one layer was
not opaque then the other 2 would be sufficient. Also due to the razor sharp
edges of the paper we included a high content of
, a very
strong polythene
The above are just a few examples of how our extensive knowledge of
polythene allows us to help the customer achieve innovative solutions. There
are too many other properties of polythene for examples here but please go
for more information.
However, we are not limited just to polythene and can offer advice of
Skinfilms, polyolefin and PVC shrink films , Polyester film, Susceptor films
and many many more.
Flame Retardant Film - LPS1207 Accredited
Our flame retardant range has accreditation to LPS
1207, Certified by Loss Prevention Certification Board in
compliance with Loss Prevention Standard. LPS 1207 is
the performance standard for Protective materials that
are used internally whilst buildings undergo refurbishment
or construction.
Available in two sizes: 4m x 25m in Orange and 4m x 25m in White.
High performance polythene commonly used within the building and
construction industry.
Sira-Crisp Susceptor Films
Sira-Crisp susceptor film is designed to provide oven-cooked taste and
texture for microwave cooked foods. The susceptor film absorbs microwave
energy and generates heat which effectively toasts and crisps the surface
of the food. The internal cooking of the food by the microwave is unaffected
so that the resulting food is fully cooked and crispier on the outside than
that cooked without Sira-Crisp film.
Sira-Crisp works for most foods and is particularly effective for microwaved
Panini’s, wraps, toasties and similar foods. The best result is often achieved
by increasing the cooking time slightly and by ensuring that the Sira-Crisp
film is in close contact with the surface of the food.
Sira-Crisp is available on reels for flow-wrap and vertical or horizontal
Form-Fill-Seal machines. It is also available as bags, pouches, sleeves and
other formats. It can also be printed as required.
We have the knowledge and expertise, having worked in
conjunction with major Plc companies, to develop and
produce specialist films for specific requirements.
For example, lamination films for substrates such as
carpet underlays along with soluble polythene bags for
use in the chemical and vinyl production industries.
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