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Cell-Aire® Polyethylene protection foam is a clean, lightweight foam ideal for surface protection. With its micro-cellular construction, it is designed to absorb the knocks and scuffs that threaten products during transit. Available in rolls of sheets cut to suit client specific requirements.

  • Non-abrasive, non-corrosive protection for delicate surfaces.
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy, fast packaging.
  • Clean, dust and lint-free plus moisture resistant.
Width Thickness Length Width Thickness Length
1500mm 1mm 300m 1200mm 1mm 300m
1500mm 1.5mm 200m 1200mm 1.5mm 200m
1500mm 2.5mm 120m 1200mm 2.5mm 120m
1500mm 4mm 75m 1200mm 4mm 75m
1000mm 1mm 300m 750mm 1mm 300m
1000mm 1.5mm 200m 750mm 1.5mm 200m
1000mm 2.5mm 120m 750mm 2.5mm 120m
1000mm 4mm 75m 750mm 4mm 75m
600mm 1mm 300m 500mm 1mm 300m
600mm 1.5mm 200m 500mm 1.5mm 200m
600mm 2.5mm 120m 500mm 2.5mm 120m
600mm 4mm 75m 500mm 4mm 75m
375mm 1mm 300m      
375mm 1.5mm 200m      
375mm 2.5mm 120m      
375mm 4mm 75m      

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