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The Fill-Air Cyclone inflatable packaging system meets the most rigorous, high-volume packaging challenges without giving up valuable floor space.

  • Saves Warehouse Space - compact footprint is ideal for tabletop placement at a pack station.
  • Easy to Use - The system is ready to use straight from the carton - simply plug in and load the film to begin. No shop air is required!
  • Versatile - Use on demand in decentralized tabletop environments or online for increases efficiency.
  • Responsible Packaging - Material inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space needed to ship conventional packaging materials and reducing the transportation impact. Learn how to recycle Fill-Air materials.
  • Fill-Air Cyclone film is available in four film widths and can be converted to two different cushion lengths, creating eight possible cushion sizes; the largest measures 355mm x 205mm.


Cushion Sizes Available (mm)
355 x 125305 x 125255 x 125205 x 125
355 x 205 305 x 205 255 x 205 205 x 205

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