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At Samuel Grant Packaging we are committed to reducing the impact that packaging has on the environment.

We help our clients to reduce their packaging consumption and waste, as well as advising how all parts of the packaging process can be recycled and reused. Samuel Grant Packaging's award-winning sister company, Marmax Recycled Products, is recycling in action - Marmax uses milk bottles to create high quality, durable, maintenance-free outdoor furniture and play equipment.

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  • Recyclable – polythene materials are able to be recycled more times than paper fibres.
  • Less energy used in manufacture compared to paper bags, so reducing carbon footprint.
  • The relative weight for a given application is less than paper. This reduces transport costs and carbon footprint.

Paper Bags

  • Recyclable. Paper can be recycled readily for use in other products.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Manufactured from wood – a renewable source.


  • Lightweight so reduced transport costs/carbon emissions.
  • Manufactured without the use of CFCs
  • Can be purchased in a version manufactured from vegetable starches which can be composted readily.

Re-Nature Voidfill

  • Both recycled and recyclable.
  • Made from vegetable starches, so easily compostable.

Polyester Strapping

  • Usually manufactured, at least in part, from recycled materials.
  • Lighter than steel and so transport costs and emissions are reduced.

Steel Strapping

  • Often contains recycled materials.
  • Recyclable.
  • A given length of steel strapping can be used more than once.

Recycled products are an equal or better alternative to what is already available, with the added advantage of helping to improve the environment.

Marmax's products are excellent examples of recycling in action. Recycled plastic is better than timber or metal, especially when considering the cost of maintenance, both financially and environmentally.

  • Recycling plastic transforms rubbish into a high quality product
  • One bench uses more than the equivalent of 2000 plastic bottles
  • Recycling reduces the need for landfill sites
  • Our benches become tangible tools when discussing recycling

Below are some environmental comparisons of our specific products to assist in clients' decision-making – if you would like to discuss anything in more detail, contact one of our specialists.

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queens award for innovation

We are proud holders of a 2018 Queen's Award for Innovation, awarded in honour of our unique Samson Nano pallet wrapping system