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Samuel Grant Packaging launch AIRSHIELD
Samuel Grant Packaging are delighted to announce the launch AIR|SHIELD® in association with their business partner Gaia Packaging Solutions, an innovative protective packaging solution for which Samuel Grants are the sole distributors.

Challenging the dominance of polystyrene and other traditional packaging materials eg bubble wrap, foam and film, AIR|SHIELD® offers improved protection benefits with significantly better commercial and environmental credentials.

Utilising the free advisory service, the AIR|SHIELD® range can deliver either a fully automated or manual solution providing the option of immediate performance improvements on packaging lines. Combine this with reduced volumetric size, simplified handling, improved protection and reduced storage space and significantly reducing waste in the domestic supply chain makes AIR|SHIELD® the next evolution for protective packaging solutions. 

“This is an enormous advancement in protective packaging” says Martin Harris, Sales Director for Samuel Grant Packaging. “One client recently converted eight artic truck deliveries per month of polystyrene packaging into 6 pallets per month for one of their kitchen packaging facilities– the financial and environmental savings across the year are enormous.”

Made from 100% recyclable film, AIR|SHIELD® is set to revolutionise the packaging industry, and reduce its impact on the environment. Traditional protective packaging material such as polystyrene is not only bulky and challenging to transport, it also creates immense amounts of waste, significant amounts of which end up in landfill.

Polystyrene and foam packaging causes much concern amongst environmentalists due to the length of time it takes to biodegrade (if at all!). It peppers the world’s seas and shorelines, and in its foam form causes harm to both land and sea creatures. AIR|SHIELD® is set to challenge this impact, and is recognised as the next generation in protective packaging for those customers wishing to benefit from competitive price points whilst mitigating their carbon footprint and reducing waste within the domestic supply chain.

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We are proud holders of a 2018 Queen's Award for Innovation, awarded in honour of our unique Samson Nano pallet wrapping system