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Samuel Grant Packaging launch new safer Samson Nano Ferret
From the hugely successful Samson Nano pallet wrapping system, the Ferret was launched in 2018 by Samuel Grant Packaging. Developed as a solution to wrapping big or awkward pallets, as it drives around the pallet as opposed to requiring a turntable, the Ferret range has now been extended into a new style with added safety features.

A footplate safety mat on the underside of the carriage has been installed to avoid foot crush, which Samuel Grant believe to be unique to the Ferret. Being the only mobile wrapper fitted with this feature, this new safety aspect demonstrates the innovative approach to H&S the company applies to its pallet wrapping range.

The new feature is part of the company’s commitment to continually improve the safety of wrapping unstable loads to the EUMOS safety standard*. The mobility of the Ferret mitigates risks involved in hand wrapping pallets as loads of all shapes and sizes can be wrapped and the machine can be taken to the load itself, removing the risk of unreliable load stability or staff injury.  The use of high performance 33 layer stretch film coupled with locked out programs for consistency, ensures that loads are wrapped to the highest standard of load integrity. The Ferret’s magic eye can recognise the most unwieldy of shapes, to wrap allowing optimum stability during transport.

Having celebrated the Queen’s Award win for the Samson Nano for its unique pricing system and added safety attributes, the range provides companies with a reliable, fast, and safe solution. Samuel Grant Packaging pride themselves on high quality and solution-focused customer service leading to continuous innovations.

The new Ferret was showcased at a recent event held at Samuel Grant Packaging in Sheffield. Julia Allen, Managing Director said, “We were delighted to show our sales teams and customers the full new Nano range which showcased many new innovations. Other new features in the range included built in weight scales, integrated print portals, heat sealing bars and cutters to avoid stretchfilm tails, larger width film roll carriage sizes for speedier wrapping cycles, various roping options and variable stretch machines.”

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queens award for innovation

We are proud holders of a 2018 Queen's Award for Innovation, awarded in honour of our unique Samson Nano pallet wrapping system