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The Cost of Damaged Goods in Transit
Customer satisfaction is key for the success of a business and that relies on having products that perform. If goods arrive damaged or broken it reflects negatively on your brand so its essential that you have a reliable packaging solution that will ensure your goods travel perfectly in transit. We at Samuel Grant Packaging have the answer.

Hand wrapping and old machine technology are consistently outperformed by the Samson Nano. A machine that offers a smarter, faster and safer way to wrap your pallets to ensure increased load stability.

The cost to rework goods that are damaged in the packaging or transit process can be more than the value of the goods themselves, often leading to wasted product and stock which results in a loss of sales. The most common reason for damage is unstable pallets which are wrapped by hand or by using old machines. Both methods are outdated and unreliable but can be a huge annual spend for a business so it’s important to use a method that is efficient.

Hand wrapping does not always ensure that a good pre-stretch is enabled meaning that pallets can tip and fall. With the Samson Nano, this issue is bypassed with a superior pre-stretch that simply cannot be matched by hand wrapping or old machines, ensuring the load is firmly contained.

The Samson Nano offers a value wrap as the high quality 33-layer stretch film has increased puncture and tear resistance to limit potential damage during transport. The machine stretches the film far beyond any other wrapping method which enables you to have a secure load that uses less film.

Service and maintenance fees are included in a fixed price per wrapped pallet fee which is a huge advantage to your business as there are no ‘hidden’ costs, meaning that you can budget to a true price. You’ll also benefit from no downtime so get in touch with the Samuel Grant Packaging team today to discuss the Samson Nano.

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We are proud holders of a 2018 Queen's Award for Innovation, awarded in honour of our unique Samson Nano pallet wrapping system