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What is Packaging Consultancy
The mission at Samuel Grant Packaging is to listen to our clients and give the best possible advice to deliver optimum packaging solutions. How do we do this? Through packaging consultancy. Our team of expert packaging advisers look at the entire lifecycle of products, determining the correct packaging solutions, to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition whilst using as little packaging as possible, with minimal waste production.

At Samuel Grant we have unrivalled experience enabling our consultants to confidently offer advice on a wide product selection to give our customers expert packaging advice. Let’s look at an example… 

Vinyl, hot melt polypropylene or acrylic? Just three of the tape selection we provide. At first glance, it may appear that tape is just tape, all ok for closing a cardboard box, however each variation has a different purpose, price point, tensile strength and even noise level. There’s a lot that goes into finding the tape that suits your needs. We see time and time again a company who has bought the cheaper tape to save money, but ends up using twice as much as a more suitable choice, meaning that any savings are just spent buying even more of the sticky stuff!

We need to consider your material, whether that be cardboard, glass, plastic, recycled board, they all require a different adhesive strength. We’d also need to consider your transportation conditions. Different tapes cope with humidity, temperatures and transport time differently. Some may begin to unstick after a long, damp journey, leading to potentially damaged goods. Also to consider preferred noise levels, brand, pricing and strength to find your ideal solution.

Now that’s just one small example of how our packaging consultancy audits can help. We often find that we can change many aspects of a packaging lifecycle, advising on all areas from stretch wrap solutions to warehouse storage solutions, get in touch to get your packaging leaner, greener and smarter.

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Simple Together
Simpler Together

Simplifying complex packaging conundrums for all your packaging needs.

Greener Together
Greener Together

We recycle packaging into outdoor furniture with Marmax Products.

Smarter Together
Smarter Together

By listening to our customers, we create solutions that are smarter such as the Samson Nano.

Leaner Together
Leaner Together

We conduct a full analysis of your packaging needs to make your business leaner.

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queens award for innovation

We are proud holders of a 2018 Queen's Award for Innovation, awarded in honour of our unique Samson Nano pallet wrapping system