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Launched in 2013, Samson Nano improves client pallet wrapping operations with a faster, safer, smarter device, offering added value with a clear price-per-pallet-wrapped transparent costing system.

The Samson Nano offers a complete turnkey pallet wrapping solution to businesses. There is no capital expenditure involved with the installation of the Samson Nano.

The machine, as well as its servicing and maintenance, are included in a fixed price per wrapped pallet, with no charge for failed wraps.

Clients can see from anywhere in the world, at any given time, exactly how many pallets have been wrapped, and therefore how much they are being charged, thanks to its inbuilt internet-linked reporting software.

Pre-set to avoid any human error, the machine delivers a high quality wrap using film stretched up to three times more than previous solutions, meaning that the device is not only effective, it is also cost-efficient and environmentally sound. The low turntable height, a totally unique feature to the Samson Nano, means that it can be installed safely anywhere, without the risk of unstable loads.

Superior wrapping from the Samson Nano also ensures less damage to goods either during the wrapping process or subsequent transport.

Often when a client comes to us for pallet wrapping advice, we are able to offer complete solutions to their packaging requirements, saving waste, cost and space. To book a consultant to discuss your requirements get in touch.

Samson Nano
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We have happy customers across the UK who love working with us.

We negotiated with Samuel Grant that they would produce, stock and hold their boxes, drip feeding them as required, sometimes at very short notice. This gave us the opportunity to get instant stock at good prices, and removed the need to rent extra space.

Bagel Nash

Samuel Grant have always been a great company to work with and when we were looking to replace our pallet wrapping machine, they approached us to take on the NANO prototype. We trusted them and were happy to take on the trial. The backup support and informatics they can harness are first rate.

Conrad Hart-Brooke

Supply Chain Packaging Manager for Bettys and Taylor's

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queens award for innovation

We are proud holders of a 2018 Queen's Award for Innovation, awarded in honour of our unique Samson Nano pallet wrapping system